Foam Clay 300g

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Masked Dad Workshop Foam Clay
Bring your cosplay creations, molds and sculptures to life with a little help from the one material that will help take your work to the next level! Our Foam Clay is specially designed to cure and dry into a dense lightweight EVA Foam like material. It is easy to use and non-toxic.

- Shape, Sculpt, Sand and Paint is all you will need to do.
- Adding a little water will help with spreading and smoothing out.
- Thin layers can air-dry in as little as 24-48 hours, thicker layers will require a longer drying time. Minimal shrinkage may occur.

**Sanding tip: when combined with our Masked Dad Workshop EVA Foam we recommend starting with a grit of 240 and working your way up for a smooth blended finish.**
The only difficulty you will have using Masked Dad Workshop Foam Clay will be deciding what to create first!